Multi-Hand Blackjack Strategies

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Strategy is the most important element when you play multi-hand blackjack. There is luck involved too, but following a good multi-hand blackjack strategy will help you control all the variables that are within your power and limit your risks. In other words, playing with strategy puts you in control of your multi-hand blackjack game.

Play Multi-Hand Blackjack in an Online Casino[değiştir]

It is possible to play several hands of blackjack in a brick-and-mortar casino, but it is not a good idea. The dealer will make you feel rushed and pressured, with the result that you forget your blackjack strategy and make foolish mistakes. So if you want to play multi-hand blackjack, you should do so in an online casino. In the online casino, you have plenty of time to think about what you are doing and thus play according to your optimal strategy. That’s what give you the best chance to win at multi-hand blackjack.

Strategy for Blackjack[değiştir]

As with all versions of blackjack, you must use your inherent advantage over the dealer. In many versions of online blackjack, the dealer must stop at seventeen, even if that seventeen is reached using an Ace valued at eleven. So an Ace plus a six will cause the dealer to hold. On the other hand if you draw an Ace and a six, you can draw again. If your next card is a 4 or lower, you have a great hand and a great chance to win at blackjack. If the next card happens to be higher than a 4, your Ace becomes a one and you are still in the game. The best outcome is when you draw a ten or a face card (whose value is always ten) and an Ace (whose value is either one or eleven). These two cards add up to twenty-one, or Blackjack. You win. Every hand with a blackjack is a winner. In multi-hand blackjack, where you can use up to five hands, you can win all five times with blackjacks. (The game is played with multiple decks so there could be up to 32 Aces every round.)

Special Strategy for Multi-Hand Blackjack[değiştir]

Playing Multi-Hand Blackjack means you can essentially play five games simultaneously. The reason this can work in your favour is that you can employ a different blackjack strategy for each hand. You can make one hand super aggressive, and one hand a “never bust” cautious hand where you hold at very low numbers. Remember, the dealer will draw until he reaches Seventeen, regardless of what you are doing. The dealer has to play by a set rule; you, on the other hand, have the freedom to use Situs Daftar Joker123 strategies that suit your style and complement each other. You can even use a completely different strategy for each of five hands.

Don’t forget, you can also take insurance out on as many hands as you want if the dealer is holding an ace. You can also split when you are presented with a pair of face cards. If you have two hands showing a pair of faces, keep one as a twenty and split the second one. It’s quite possible that you would win several times doing so.

Use a Blackjack Basic Strategy Table[değiştir]

It’s also a good idea to use a blackjack basic strategy table. The table takes into account the dealer’s card as well as your cards and recommends an optimal strategy for each situation. If you have 15, for example, the table will recommend that you stand if the dealer has a 6, but hit if the dealer has a 7. It’s a bit more sophisticated than basing your strategy on your cards only, but it often proves to be effective.

Another Effective Multihand Blackjack Strategy[değiştir]

Another example of using effective multihand blackjack strategy is by apportioning your bets. The way it works is like this: before you start play, decide how much you want to risk and how much you would be satisfied winning. Then, divide the sum by the number of rounds you wish to play. The actual amount you wager on each hand depends on what numbers you come up. The mistake many people have is not stopping if they are losing, it’s actually stopping when they are ahead. Why should you stop if you are on a winning streak? Because sooner or later your luck will turn. There is a reason for the expression to “quit while you are ahead.” You may be interested to know that all professional gamblers tend to follow this strategy. It does not matter if your limit is one hundred dollars or a thousand, set the limit and stick to it to increase the odds of coming out ahead in the long run.